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Victor Settle Jewelry

403 S College Ave
Bloomington, IN

(812) 332-2676

Victor Settle Jewelry

When you need a professional and experienced jeweler to take care of your damaged jewelry, we’re here to help. At Victor Settle Jewelry in Bloomington, Indiana, our jewelers will inspect and repair any piece of jewelry from new to antique. Since 1958, we have been THE best option for jewelry repair, renovation and renewal.

We Repair

New Items

Used Items

Antique Jewelry

Missing Stone

Broken Chain

Shorten Chain



Crack / Damage / Prong

Cleaning and Maintenance

Replace Hinge

Replace Post and Back

Replace Battery

Pearl/Bead Restringing

If you have the stone, we will assess the mounting's needs to hold the stone securely, and provide the setting service. If you need a diamond or gemstone, we stock many and have access to almost everything. We'll be happy to fill your specific need by advising you of the almost limitless choices.
We repair sterling, karat gold, and platinum chains of all styles, whether they are broken at the end or in a link-to-link connection. Hollow chains (the popular rope style is one example) that are shaped from hollow tubing rather than a solid wire are not as successful as styles of a better quality.
Shortening a chain is much the same as repairing a broken chain. Some split chains have a necklace centerpiece, which requires shortening from both sides to keep the clasp centered.
Don't get frustrated trying to unknot the chain yourself - you may damage the chain further. Let our experienced staff take care of you. If the links are pulled too tightly to unknot, we can cut that tiny section out and repair. See the broken chain option for more information. The best way to prevent this problem in the future is to fasten the ends of your chains together when they are in storage, and store them separately from other chains. We also detangle multiple chains that wrap themselves around each other.
The size range listed covers downsizing a narrow yellow gold ring for the minimum and adding one size to a narrow platinum ring for the maximum. Your cost will depend on the metal quality, width of the ring, how many sizes different (if sizing larger) and the possibility of any finishes or profiles that would need to be recreated. White gold rings require a rhodium finish to make them look their best, which adds $25 to the cost, and some styles require stone tightening after reshaping the shank. We always prefer to measure the finger for the final size, so if you can't come in person and instead specify a size, please don't guess. Even one-half size makes a great deal of difference in comfort. We will make it whatever size you request, but if it doesn't fit, and we didn't measure the finger, there will be a resizing charge.
This category has so many variables that it is difficult to set a price range. A clean break in a ring can be repaired for the same price as a downsizing, but if the break is jagged, we will need to add metal even if only returning the ring to its previous size. (A jagged break may indicate chemical damage - chlorine is the most common - and may be an indicator of repeating future problems.) If a prong is bent or a prong tip is lifted, the repair may be only the minimum charge. We can retip one or many prongs, we can replace complete prongs, and we can replace the entire pronged head. We would be happy to assess your specific situation and give you our recommendation.
If you visit in person, we will inspect your piece for worn or damaged prongs, loose gems, unsafe clasps on chains, etc., and clean it for no charge using a method appropriate to the metals and gems. If you bring or send a collection, or if the jewelry requires more than cleaning (you were painting with your jewelry on?!?!), a charge may be assessed. Maintenance might suggest prong retipping or any one of a number of other services, for which we would provide a quote. The maximum price listed would cover refinishing and rhodium plating a narrow white gold ring.
We can replace a bracelet hinge wire and tube or only the wire, depending on the circumstances. Another solution is to solder the connection solid so it is no longer flexible. This is usually due to extreme wear, and is considered a last resort to prolong the wearability of a well-loved piece. Hinged earrings (example: huggies) usually require a rivet wire, and hoop hinges and wires usually come as a unit.
If working with sterling, karat gold or platinum, the labor charge is typically $20 to $25 per earring, plus parts. We can also change most non-pierced to pierced and vice-versa. Typically soldering or welding is not an option with costume metals or any earring with heat-sensitive stones or finishes, so the choice becomes removing and resetting the stone(s) on precious metal earrings, or soft soldering or epoxying the parts on costume. Soft solder and epoxy are not permanent solutions.
We stock over 50 sizes of watch batteries. Our basic $15 battery replacement includes the correct power cell, Indiana sales tax, and labor to test the old battery and install the new. We charge a slightly higher labor fee for chronographs and cases with screws because of the extra time required. Non-traditional case materials (wood, ceramic, etc.) are always opened and closed at the customer's risk. Some watches require an intensive resetting routine (example: perpetual calendar) which triggers an additional charge. We can also furnish and install the rechargeable batteries used in solar-powered watches.
Does the cord on your pearl strand look frayed or dirty? These are signs that it needs to be restrung. Knotting between pearls is recommended for two reasons: obviously, to prevent loss of pearls if the strand breaks, but also to protect the soft pearls from rubbing against each other. Beads other than pearls are also accepted for restringing. We use woven nylon bead cord for the best results. Stretch elastic is used on request but not guaranteed.
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