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Pugh's Designer Jewelers

44 S 2nd St
Newark, OH

(740) 344-9259

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Pugh's Designer Jewelers

When you need a quality, professional and experienced jeweler to take care of your jewelry, we're here to help. At Pugh's Designer Jewelers, in Downtown Newark, OHIO, our jewelers can inspect and repair any piece of jewelry in house from new to old. With 40 years of experience in hand engraving, jewelry design, wax carving, lost wax casting, pave diamond setting, and antique jewelry restoration, we are your best option for jewelry repair and renewal.

We Repair

New Items

Used Items

Antique Jewelry

Missing Stone

Broken Chain

Shorten Chain



Crack / Damage / Prong


Cleaning and Maintenance

Replace Hinge

Replace Post and Back

Replace Battery


Thank you show reaching out to Pugh's, sorry to hear about your missing stone. We are more than happy to take a look and inquire in further detail what is the best way to take care of your repair. A missing stone normally means you need some kind of re-tip work on your item by our goldsmith. We have 2 in-house goldsmiths, we never send our jewelry repairs out. Pricing depends on the size of the stone, what type of stone, and the quality of the stone you are missing. If you have any further questions feel free to stop by or call.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's, sorry to hear about your broken chain.
Most the time broken chains can be repaired by a simple solder. It truly depends on the nature of the chain, the thickness, the location of the break, how worn the chain is and the link type or style. once inspected by our floor jewelers under magnification we can help you make the best choice. Please feel free to come in or call in with any more questions you may have.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's, shortening your chain is often a very routine task for our in-house goldsmiths. Simply bring in the chain so we can guide you through how much you would like to be taken off. Often, you can trade in your unwanted chain towards the total. Thank You.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's, sorry to hear that your having trouble with unwanted knots. if you simply bring in your item, our professional floor jewelers will happily take the unwanted knots out carefully and of course without damaging your items. They will get a free cleaning and inspection before returning to you like new.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's. Sizing a ring has many contingencies that apply, we are happy to have one of our professional jewelers walk you through the sizing process and what options may apply. Call in or visit our store to get a correct size and peace of mind knowing your precious items are not being sent out for repair, all sizing are done in-house and we stand behind our work here at Pugh's.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's, sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with your precious item. If there is any possibility of damage to your prong, or if you have been "catching" clothing on your prongs, we advise you to stop wearing it immediately to protect against loss of your stones. We will happily inspect the prongs under magnification so that we can explain to you what we see and offer the best solution for your item. Please feel free to call in or stop in for further concerns. Thank you.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's, We are pleased to hear your interested about taking further steps to protect your jewelry. We have a certified Gemologist Appraiser (GIA), who does our appraisals. Our time frame is usually 1-2 weeks, though rush work is also available. Once appraised, you will receive 2 copies, one for your personal files and second copy for you to send to the insurance company of your choice.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's, Cleaning is absolutely free. We encourage you to come in at least twice a year to have your items inspected and given a deep clean in order to of keep them in excellent condition. While cleaning we often can catch developing problems before they happen. You are welcome to see your items through our microscopes at any time.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's, we will need to examine the piecefin order to give an accurate estimate.
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's. We will need to do further inspection to determine the type of earrings you have and what may be involved in the repair. All of our repairs are done by our 2 in-house goldsmiths, So you will have peace of mind knowing that your precious items are. safe with us
Thank you for reaching out to Pugh's, if you simply bring your watch to our store, our goldsmiths normally will change your watch battery (2 watches or less ) on the spot. If there are more than 2 we ask you to leave them for a few days and we will contact you once they're ready.
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