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Khan Diamonds

333 Washington St., Suite 516
Boston, MA


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Khan Diamonds

You've got broken Jewelry! That's too bad but we can fix it for you at our wonderful store, here in Boston, MA. Khan Diamonds are your best bet for professional jewelry repair. We stand by all our work and make sure you get exactly what you need. Contact us for that perfect repair and start enjoying that piece again!

We Repair

New Items

Used Items

Antique Jewelry

Missing Stone

Broken Chain

Shorten Chain



Crack / Damage / Prong


Cleaning and Maintenance

Replace Hinge

Replace Post and Back

Fine jewelry is prone to wear, so always have your fine jewelry checked by a jeweler every year. If you are considering getting your ring or bracelet repaired, trust in the skills of your jewelers. Some jewelry shops train jewelry craftsmen to carry out in-house repairs, while some offer custom-made design work. If you have not yet come into contact with a trusted jeweler, you can come To Khan Diamonds.

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