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JB Kaiser Personal Jewelers

30265 Sunny Beach Rd
Grand Rapids, MN

(218) 326-5206

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JB Kaiser Personal Jewelers

Oh no! It looks like you need a repair. Don't worry, we want to help. At JB Kaiser Personal Jewelers, we repair all sorts of jewelry in Grand Rapids, MN and the surrounding area. We know how important all of your jewelery is to you. With well over 50 years experience in repair, restoration and jewelry design, we have the experience and know how to revive your precious jewelry and make it just like new again. We'll make sure your repair is done professionally and correctly, so it stands the test of time. Let us get you or a loved one wearing that lovely piece again!
We are a family owned studio and invite you to visit with us on the shores of beautiful Pokegema Lake. If your repair is a simple one, and your visit is in the summer, you can sit on the deck swing and listen to the loons calling or glimpse an eagle soar while you wait.
We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your business, whether it be a simple chain repair or a custom designed piece of jewelry for a very special occasion.

Jeff (JB) Kaiser

We Repair

New Items

Used Items

Antique Jewelry

Missing Stone

Broken Chain

Shorten Chain



Crack / Damage / Prong


Cleaning and Maintenance

Replace Hinge

Replace Post and Back

Replace Battery


With a wide range of replacement diamonds and gemstones in stock, your repair can be handled quickly and on the premises.
We repair most types of chain. Prices vary depending on the type of chain and amount of time required.
* If I can make a suggestion, when purchasing a new chain, please steer clear of hollow chains. They are our most common AND most expensive chain repair. The hollow tubes that make up the chain are often paper thin and will wear out quickly and break. They may look like a great deal for the money, but the maintenance is quite high.
Prices vary depending on the type of chain and amount of time required.
This is a service that we provide and the charge is based on the amount of time required. We will also clean the chain so that it sparkles like new.
Most all precious metal rings can be sized in our shop, even platinum. With the use of the laser welder, we can perform sizings and repairs that are impossible to do with the common torch method. Jewelry with softer and more fragile gemstones that normally require the expensive and dangerous procedure of removing, then resetting of the stones can be spared that expense with the use of the laser welder. All gemstones are checked for security and tightened if necessary to ensure their security and your piece of mind.
Most prong repair is performed with one of our TWO state of the art laser welding machines. With the laser, we are able to repair and build a stronger, harder and longer lasting prong than is possible with a traditional torch and solder method.
We NEVER use solder to repair prongs and you should not allow it to be done on your rings.
Appraisals are charged based on time required. A minimum charge of $100 and an hourly rate of $125. Estimates of charges are available upon inspection of items to be appraised.
As a Graduate Gemologist and professional appraiser, verbal "guestimates of value" are not provided.
We are very happy to offer FREE cleaning and inspection of your jewelry. We want to be sure that your gemstones and jewelry is safe to wear without worry. Maintenance plans are available to purchase upon request and include most normal maintenance items such as sizing and polishing.
Hinge repair can range from a simple weld to complete reconstruction of the hinge, so a visual inspection would be necessary to offer an accurate quote.
We offer standard friction posts and backs, threaded posts and backs as well as a positive locking system for the utmost security of your earrings.
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