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Holly McHone Jewelers

1150 Commercial St.
Astoria, OR

(503) 325-8029

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Holly McHone Jewelers

Whether your jewelry is completely broken, needs some TLC, or you would like to remount or redesign it into something new, our expert team can take care of any Jewelery need.

Welcome to Holly McHone Jewelers, in Astoria, Oregon, where we specialize in making your jewelry as perfect as the day it was bought.

Check our Google reviews: Our master jewelers are ready to help you today!

We Repair

New Items

Used Items

Antique Jewelry

Missing Stone

Broken Chain

Shorten Chain



Crack / Damage / Prong


Cleaning and Maintenance

Replace Hinge

Replace Post and Back

Missing a stone from your jewelry? We will assess your piece to see why this happened, determine any additional work and set the stone or the replacement as needed.

We are happy to set a new stone in a ring for you as well.

Note: price range is for the setting of the stone only, does not include replacement for a lost stone or additional repairs if needed.
We are able to repiar broken chains for you. We may use a soldering technique or we may need to use a laser welder for the reapair.
For reapir of gold and silver chain pricing is $29-$95.
For platinum, $58-$108

Note: the repair is for broken chain only. Additional charges may apply for other repair work
To shorten chains, we use either soldering with a torch or a laser welder depending on the material, silover and gold or platinum.

Note: the repair is for broken chain only. Additional charges may apply for other repair work
Are your chains in a tangle? We are here to help. Bring them to us to unknot and clean.

Note: Additional charges apply for other repair work.
Is your ring too small or too large?

We will size up or down as needed by either soldering with a torch or laser welding. Certain gemstones can not take the heat of the torch. We will use the laser in these cases. We work with any karat of gold, silver and platinum. For white gold, we Rhodium plate the piece to make it brighter which will be included in the quote for white gold rings.

Note: the repair is for sizing only. Additional charges will apply for other repair work.

We repair cracks, build up tips and prongs that are worn, rebuild a ring that visited the garbage disposal, and many other needed repairs. Bring them to us for a full assessment for care of your jewelry.
Maybe it will need to be rebuilt into a new custom piece for you. We can do all these and more!

Note: prices are only an estimate. We will need to see the items before a quote if there is a large amount of damage.
We appraise jewelry for insurance purposes. Appraisal inclused description, photo and value for replacement.

Note: price is $130 for the first item and $90 for additional pieces.
We always offer free cleaning and checking of your jewelry. Sparkling jewelry is a must!
We will look closely at the pieces before and after the cleaning to be sure that they are in good shape, that the stones are tight in their settings, and check for cracks and signs of wear that that may need to be addressed.
If we find that a repair is needed, we will make the appropriate recommendations of what should be done.

Note: The pricing can vary from no charge to what may be needed for any suggested repairs.
We replace worn and broken hinges in bracelets and other jewelry items.

Note: Additional charges may apply for other repair work.
Did the post come off of your earring? We can replace it! We will either solder or laser weld a new one in place. Some gemstones can't take the heat of the torch and we may need to laser weld. Of in some rare occasions, we will need to remove the stones(s) before the repair.
If you need a new earring back, we have many types to choose from that work best for you.

Note: Additional charges may apply for other repair work.+
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