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David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry

3605 Sandy Plains Rd. Suite 260
Marietta, GA

(770) 578-0598

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David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry

We're sorry you have a piece of damaged jewelry but don't worry - here at David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry, we'll take it and make it new again. Our jewelers and goldsmiths can renew your jewelry and make sure it's fit to wear safely again. We'll also inspect any piece you like to find problems before they happen. Serving Marietta, GA, and beyond.
Feel free to text or call at 770-578-0598

We Repair

New Items

Used Items

Antique Jewelry

Missing Stone

Broken Chain

Shorten Chain



Crack / Damage / Prong


Cleaning and Maintenance

Replace Hinge

Replace Post and Back

Replace Battery

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