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Dahlkemper's Jewelry Connection

6845 Peach Street
Erie, PA

(814) 868-1910

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Dahlkemper's Jewelry Connection

Oh no! Looks like you need a repair, don't worry, we want to help! At Dahlkemper's Jewelry Connection, we repair all sorts of jewelry in Erie, PA and make it look new again. We'll make sure your repair is done professionally to withstand the test of time. Let us get you or a loved one wearing that lovely piece again!

We Repair

New Items

Used Items

Antique Jewelry

Missing Stone

Broken Chain

Shorten Chain



Crack / Damage / Prong


Cleaning and Maintenance

Replace Hinge

Replace Post and Back

Replace Battery

We are happy to evaluate your piece of jewelry to determine the cost to replace the stone! Most times, repair work to the metal is required in order to supply and set the missing stone. We offer free estimates and guarantee the best price in town!
Shortening a chain is easy and inexpensive! Often times we recommend adding an o-ring to allow the chain to be adjustable at multiple lengths! The cost to do this depends on the metal of the chain.
Depending on the intensity of the knot, we can typically get most knots out within 24 hours!
If you call or message us ahead of time, we are happy to size your rings within 24 hours!
We offer insurance appraisals on jewelry. We ask for you to leave your jewelry with us for at least 48 hours to thoroughly clean and appraise! The first item is $85 and any additional items are $35. If you have any paperwork on your jewelry we ask that you bring that paperwork with you!
We clean and inspect jewelry for FREE everyday, even if the item was not purchased from Dahlkemper's.
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