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professional local jeweler ring sizing

So, you want to size your ring and are looking for a way to do it online? Here are some reasons why we recommend you find a professional local repair jeweler instead of using a chart or online system. Read these carefully because they may mean the difference between a perfect day/gift and one that doesn't work as well.

1. Did you know that all jewelers mandrels & ring sizers are slightly different? Even though there are standardized measurements, every company sells a different brand and they all vary somewhat. It takes stores many years to find a matching set of ring sizers to a mandrel. You might be a size 7 at one store, but a 7.25 at another.

Jewelers may have several sets of sizing rings in different widths and thickness to help determine proper size. When your jeweler fits your ring, their sizing apparatus in back (the bench jeweler doing the work), will match the sizers out front (sales).

2. Professionals take different sizes depending on the design of the ring.

It’s also a personal taste thing. Some prefer rings snugger than others. Your jeweler can figure this out with conversation.

3. Most rings are made to be sized up or down 1 size. Buyers need to understand that rings have their limits in resizing. If you are trying to size your ring down 2+ sizes, the result may be poor (or even damage the design/stones etc.). Improperly sized rings can have issues constantly with stones loosening and falling out.

4. Weather can affect you up to 1 whole ring size, so a proper fitting is necessary by a professional to ensure a proper fit that works all the time.

5. Big knuckles can have an effect on ring sizing. A standard ring sizing might not be best for you. Let a professional jeweler determine if you are a good candidate for sizing beads or an adjustable shank - all things a chart or video can’t help you with.

6. Printers/Tech may not print true to scale. Remember, the tolerances for ring sizings are very small so even a tiny error can cause an issue.

Find A Local Store

Information on ring sizing provided by professional jeweler system members:

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